Polish language course

We invite you to participate in a free course "POLISH LANGUAGE IN THE HEALTHCARE ".

For whom
The course is aimed at doctors, nurses, paramedics and graduates of these faculties from the East who plan to work in the Polish healthcare.

How to sign up
• to take part in recruitment for a language course, fill in the form below.
• in the event of moving to the next stage of recruitment for a language course, we will inform you by e-mail.
• Please wait for the feedback until the closing date for applications for the language course by 31.08.2021.
• we invite people who have not signed up yet to complete the form.

What will you learn
• Speaking and conversing in Polish
• Specialized medical vocabulary
• Writing and reading comprehension

Class appearance
• They are held in groups of 20 people
• Conducted on-line via the ZOOM platform
• Training dimension: 20 lesson hours (45 minutes each)
• Classes carried out as part of 10 meetings lasting 90 minutes (2 lessons)

Medics who will actively participate in the course, will pass the summary test and will be positively assessed by the teachers, will receive a certificate of completion of the course, which will be sent to their e-mail address in an electronic version.

If you have any questions or doubts, please contact us: [email protected]

Formularz rekrutacyjny (PL)

Recruitment form (EN) 

Заявка на участие (RU)

Заявка на участь в курсі (UA)